Dear Readers,

Welcome to The Morning Person, an experiment in wellness. The only requirement to join is an open mind. The Morning Person is here because online wellness information tends to overwhelm. And because the information shared by a doctor–in, let’s be real, a blustery seven-minute consultation that probably occurred an hour after its scheduled time–tends to underwhelm.

The Morning Person is here to split the difference. She is not a doctor. She’s not a registered dietician. She’s not even a witch. She was created by a woman with a history of disease, many friends and relatives with a history of disease, an interest in biohacking, and a passion for sharing what she’s learning on a fascinating, obsessive, and slightly hypochondriac journey toward wellness.

The beauty of modern wellness is that there’s always something new waiting to be discovered, whether it’s a plant, a practice, or an inspiring person. That next discovery might be just the thing we were looking for. Or, it might cause our entire face to break out in cystic acne. Hopefully, in that case, it tasted good. There’s no one right answer, no panacea, no simple, clear-cut path to wellness. But with research, consideration, curiosity and a sense of humor, we can move in a more or less forward direction together.

The Morning Person believes wellness is an all-encompassing, ever-evolving practice that touches diet, exercise, spirituality, relationships, work, and much more. Wellness goes beyond healthcare, but doesn’t exclude it. Most important, The Morning Person believes wellness is the foundation upon which happiness and fulfillment rest. Without it, we can’t reach our potential as people, partners, co-workers or parents.

The Morning Person knows a few things, including what she doesn’t know. When it comes to this blog, the goal is simple: Always Be Learning, and disseminate those lessons here. With your help, what it means to be well might just become a little clearer with each passing post. So dive in, share what you’re learning, and what you want to know more about!


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