June Wellness Experiments

Since being well involves a lot of experimentation, adding things and taking things away (lately for me it’s been a lot of taking things away), I’ll be chronicling what I’m doing on a monthly basis, using the first of the month as an opportunity to tweak my guinea pigging and the rest of the month to make some updates on how those tweaks are going.

Here’s a list of what I’ll be aiming to do in June:

Reading more nonfiction books of the roughly self-help variety. I’m starting with Intuitive Being by Jill Willard, which is currently available as an e-book on Amazon for $1.99. I heard about this book from a great list of book recos on The Zoe Report. I’m reading it because I feel that I’ve been guided completely by my emotions the past couple of months, and Willard gives some great tips on how to redirect thoughts and actions so that they’re influenced more by intuition.

Exercising with other people. Just saying ‘exercise’ makes me go “Ugh” right now, even though on the whole I love exercising. I’ve just gotten out of the habit. I hiked miles and miles on vacation in Utah in May, but only ran a handful of times that month. Now that I’m fully healed from a running injury, I have no excuse not to get back into running and racing with my running fam. The “other people” part makes me feel that much more motivated.

Saving more money–and earning it in new ways. I’m making a big work transition next week, so I’ve been scrutinizing my expenses more. This will be the first time I’m making such a transition with good money habits in place, including $0 in credit card debt and income streams from other sources besides my 9-to-5. This item on the list calls for a sub-list (a favorite practice of Cheryl Strayed):

Selling my clothes, shoes & accessories on PoshmarkI’m committing the totally doable amount of 30 to 60 minutes per week to updating and promoting my Poshmark profile. I’ve found that spending this measly amount of time alone results in sales. Even though I’ve downsized hugely this year and stopped buying clothes/shoes/accessories in February, I find every month or so that there are still things I no longer want or need!

Halting or pausing certain monthly indulgences. I paused my gym membership, since it’s summer and the park is my gym from April to November. I also paused a vitamin subscription to Ritual. I love everything Ritual is doing, from their ingredient sourcing to their website design, but at this juncture think I can probably find the same high-quality vitamins for about $8 a month at the drugstore, not $30 a month, which is just unrealistic for most people. I hope over time Ritual will consider lowering their price or having different products for different consumers. Wellness for all!

Returning or re-selling other items I don’t need. I’m returning some outdoor equipment from my recent Utah vacation to REI, which has an incredible policy for REI members: pay just $20 a year for a membership and you can return pretty much anything, even without a receipt, as well as receive dividends from the company. I’ll be returning a one-person tent that cost $279 (it’s too small for my future camping endeavors). I’m also selling a hammock tent that I never use on eBay (it’s proven too heavy to backpack with).

Picking up random freelance writing projects on Freelancer.com and Craigslist. I’ll write pretty much anything if the price is right, and I’m currently exploring ghostwriting, copywriting and editing opportunities on both those sites. I learned about Freelancer from fellow nomadic hustler James Altucher, who has taught me so much through his podcasts alone (his blogs and books are great too).

Renting out my apartment more. I’ve been perfecting my apartment listing with professional photography, more hands-on attention to my reservation requests, and more competitive pricing. I’m fixing things in my apartment to make it that much more appealing (feedback from past guests really helps with this), and I’m still only spending about 1 to 3 hours a week on the whole endeavor.

Traveling for at least two weekends out of four. This Pisces appreciates nature, silence, and to some extent solitude to be creative and not crazy, and also, yolo. With help from the revenue from renting out my apartment, I can stay in other people’s houses for the same price, and sometimes significantly less. I cannot stress enough how much Airbnb has changed my life, and that it can easily change yours, too!

Taking collagen supplements. Easily the most superficial of my June wellness experiments, this will be the first time I’m trying collagen anything, and I’m a little skeptical just because of all the hype–and the price. But cutting costs elsewhere helped me afford the supplements, and I used a $5-off coupon. I bought Reserveage’s Collagen Booster with Resveratrol partly because this woman-owned company is passionate about scientific research-backed supplements; I firmly believe after reading interviews with the founders that they’re not trying to pull the wool over our eyes with specious ingredients and placebo-y promises. Why collagen? As I mentioned in “Superfoods in a Sentence,” we produce less collagen as we age, and it’s the building block of our tissues. And as I no longer drink (wine or anything else), the resveratrol inclusion piqued my interest.

Did any of these inspire you to make a change in June? What are you doing to kick your summer off right? Let me know below.

Image: Rick Payette

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