Holding Yourself Accountable to Your Happiness With a Bullet Journal

What makes you happy? How do you commit to those things on a daily basis? What sources of happiness do you want to commit more to, and need added motivation to do so? A bullet journal might help. 

At the beginning of this year I decided that I wanted to work toward being in a ‘beautiful state’–I love this phrase of Tony Robbins’ because it’s so much richer than the word ‘happiness.’ As he explained recently on James Altucher’s podcast, he believes the key to achieving a beautiful state is to have more gratitude. 

To reach my goal, I start the day with the Reminders app on the iPhone to hold myself accountable as soon as I wake up. Those reminders include a quote about saving money, a quote about kindness, and the Serenity Prayer. 

But how I end the day is probably more important. In January I created a bullet journal using a small red Moleskin. Each day gets a page. From there, the notebook is divided into five sections that get four lines each. I committed to four main areas of my life that I wanted to be accountable to each day this year to achieve my resolution to get into a beautiful state, to be more grateful. 

And by “accountable” I mean that at the end of each day, I want to be able to fill up those four sections. So what are they?

Gratitude. This might include the day’s events, the weather, little observations, and more elemental things like my job, my health, and the health of those I love. 

What I read, watched and listened to. I write down the podcasts I listened to, the magazine stories, new articles, and books I read, and the TV shows, videos or movies I watched. I wasn’t consuming enough, and wasn’t learning enough, in 2016, so I recommitted to this in 2017 with the help of the bullet journal.

Physical health. A top-line look at what I ate and the supplements I took, whether I exercised or meditated, what time I woke up, and how I felt mentally and physically.

Love. Here’s a place to talk about the people I spent time with, and write down the jokes or experiences we had together. 

Then there’s a “Miscellaneous” fifth section, which is a place to write down what creative projects I worked on that day, and any day count I’m tracking (currently it’s how many days since I bought any clothes: 68!) and any other odds and ends.

Writing in this journal is the last thing I do every night before going to bed, even if it’s late, and I’m tired, and I’m struggling to fill all the lines. If any page seems a little sparse, I resolve to make the next day something to, well, write home about! 

Do you use a bullet journal? How do you organize it? What other methods help you achieve your goals on a daily basis?

Image: a monthly layout for a gratitude log, via BulletJournal.com.

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